Bed Bug Detection

Golden Gate K9 offers superior Bed Bug Detection Dog Training to help ensure a free environment of these pests. Bed Bugs have been around for centuries. Bed Bugs not only are found in mattresses they also thrive in carpets, chairs, couches, and in walls. They have the ability through cracks and outlets to crawl in walls onto pipes and wiring. They can make their way onto clothing and luggage and this is how they are transferred from one location to another.

Attorneys are aware of the profit associated with Bed Bugs. They offer their services to people who have been affected by bed bugs. Bed Bugs are found not only in hotels but they are also found in offices, businesses, and homes.

One complaint of Bed Bugs on social media can devastate a business or home. That’s why more people are using Bed Bug Detection Dogs rather than just a human search. Even some exterminators have their own Bed Bug Detection Dogs or they hire one. A Bed Bug Detection Dog can thoroughly search an entire room within minutes compared to a human with way more accuracy.