Electronic Storage Device Detection Dog Training and Services

Golden Gate K9’s Electronic Storage Device Detection Dog Training includes Devices such as Internal/External Hard Drives, CDs, DVDs, USB Drives, Cell Phones, SD Cards, and other Media Storage Devices.

The ability to sniff out these Electronic Storage Devices can be important in a variety of Criminal Cases such as Child Pornography, Financial Crimes, Terrorist Activities, Hacking, Homicides, and many others where Evidence can be Stored Electronically.

These Electronic Storage Device Dogs can also be used in the Security of Corporate America or for anyone with a need, where these Electronic Storage Devices are used to Infiltrate Meetings or Conversations thru Bugging Devices. These days Corporate Espionage is on the rise. There is no Technology that can match a K9's natural, God given gift of locating these Electronic Storage Devices.

Golden Gate K9 has a Certified ESD Detection Dog Team to provide this service to clients.