Meet The Trainers

Frank Romano – Master Trainer

Frank Romano is the Founder of “Golden Gate K9”. Franks love for dogs started early in life when at age of 4 his parent’s apartment was burglarized and then they bought a German Shepherd named Heidi. Heidi had natural protective instincts. Since then dogs have always been a huge part of Frank's life.

In 1987 while on active duty in the US Army he entered the Department of Defense's Military Working Dog Program. He is a graduate from the Patrol Dog Course, graduated with honors from the Detector Dog course, and graduated from the Kennelmaster/Supervisor/Trainers Course. He was the only U.S. Army Kennelmaster to work, deploy, and transfer with a Bomb Patrol Dog from 1991-1995. He served in the United States and abroad. He quickly became a troubleshooter for the Armed Forces Command, transferring to kennels that were unable to get certified for years, turning them around, and getting them certified. He received numerous awards and medals for his work in the Military Working Dog Program. In 1995 he ended his 11 year Active Duty Army career and entered the US Army Active Reserves where he retired as a Master Sergeant in 2004.

In 1995 he was hired by the California Highway Patrol. In 1997 he was awarded Peace Officer of the Year by the Marin County Police Association. He then was reassigned to the Golden Gate Division Criminal Interdiction and K9 Unit. Here as an additional duty he quickly became Golden Gate Division’s K9 Trainer.

In 2000 he was assigned a K9 named “Rexx”. He and his K9 Partner were very successful both on the streets serving the community and in competition. In 2001 Rexx won 3 Gold Medals and 1 and Bronze Medal at the Police Olympics. In 2002 Rexx was Western States Police Canine Association Canine of the year. In all, the team won 48 trophies at Police K9 trials over Rexx’s career.

In 2008, Rexx developed cancer and passed away. As a result, Frank was asked to take a job as the Departmental Master K9 Trainer at the agencie's headquarters in Sacramento, CA. Here he was responsible for testing potential K9 candidates for purchase, training the dogs and handlers at the CHP Academy, running the kennels, and assisting with running the Departmental K9 program. Frank is a California Police Officer Standards and Training K9 Evaluator and Associate Instructor.

In 2010 Frank was assigned another K9 named “Becks” a dual purpose Patrol Explosive Detection Canine. Frank Still had the additional duty as the Departmental Master K9 Trainer and Golden Gate Division’s Master K9 Trainer till 2013.

In 2011 Frank started his dream of owning and operating a complete Commercial Kennel Facility and opened Dogfather K9 Connections.

In 2012 Golden Gate K9 Training was born and thrives to date.

In 2016 Frank retired from the California Highway Patrol. At Golden Gate K9 he continually coaches handlers to train their K9. Frank also dedicates his time to educating Public Service Employees and the General Public in: K9 Care, K9 Supervision, K9 Selection, K9 Training, K9 Deployment, K9 Utilization, K9 Report Writing, and K9 Expert Witness Testimony.

In 2018 Frank’s assigned CHP K9 “Mr. Becks” suddenly passed away. This was the end of a chapter in Frank’s life. During Frank’s approximately 16 years with the California Highway Patrol’s K9 Program his call sign for most of it was “Golden Gate K9”. Now, Golden Gate K9 is Frank’s calling today.

In 2019 Frank extended Golden Gate K9’s Detector Dog School to the General Public and Private Businesses.